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Ensuring Outstanding Virtual Experiences Across Diverse Scales

Dreamcast's advanced virtual launch platform offers you a highly scalable & customizable service that lets you create an unforgettable virtual experience irrespective of your event size.

  • Small Scale

    Small Scale

    Deliver an authentic and immersive event to a small-scale audience with the most compelling 3D virtual launch platform. Integrate the most engaging & interactive features to make the best out of your online event.

  • Mid Scale

    Mid Scale

    Bring your ideas and imagination to our online launch platform and cause a stir among your global audience. Scale-up your virtual launch by adding further more features, enhancing the value of your event.

  • Large Scale

    The Ultimate

    Design your virtual launch the way you imagined! Take a step ahead and create a life-like experience for your attendees. Customize your launch event just the way you want and make your audience go wow!

Maximize Your Brand Exposure to a Global Level
with an Amazing Virtual Launch Event!

Industry's Best Features to Help You Explore Matchless Potential

Virtual launch Experience

Create a Life-Like Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby - Add lighting, GIFs, music, banners and a lot more in your virtual lobby, adding to the value of your event
  • Customized Space - Plan your event just the way you want. Decide the layout keeping your launch requirements in mind.
  • 3D Demonstrations - Represent your new product in a 3D form and in an immersive 360-degree environment.
Advanced Networking Tools for virtual launch

Advanced Networking Tools

  • Networking Tables - Help your remote attendees network with the exceptional feature of networking tables.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler - Make networking and interaction easy with the option to schedule meetings as per preferences.
  • AI Matchmaking - Help your attendees e-meet and interact with fellow attendees having the same interest areas.
Multiple Format Communication for virtual launch

Multiple Format Communication

  • Live Q&A sessions - Encourage direct knowledge sharing & two-way communication; further boosting audience engagement.
  • External Integration - Enhance the engagement with third-party platform integration to ensure a better event experience.
  • Live Chat - This feature allows the attendees to have effective real-time communication with fellow attendees.
Excellent Audience Engagement

Excellent Audience Engagement

  • Custom Gamification - Boost audience engagement by choosing from 100+ customizable gamification tools & features.
  • Social & Signature Wall - Enhance audience engagement by promoting involvement with exciting engagement zone features.
  • Live Polls - Elevate attendee involvement, collect honest feedback that also helps you plan future strategies accordingly.


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  • What is Virtual Launch?

    A virtual launch refers to an online event dedicated to introducing a new product or service over a virtual launch platform. An online launch event or party helps you reach your global target audience and create a matchless market presence for your new product.

  • What are the types of Virtual Launches?

    The top two types of virtual launches are virtual product launches and virtual brand launches. However, a flexible and scalable virtual launch platform gives you the liberty to host a launch party of any type based on your preference.

  • How do I create a Virtual Launch?

    Mentioned below are a few best practices to create a successful virtual launch:

    1. Choose the best virtual launch platform
    2. Make your virtual event engaging & interactive
    3. Provide multi-format communication possibilities
    4. Include excellent networking opportunities
    5. Ensure proper customer support
  • How do I make a Virtual Launch Party?

    To host a memorable virtual launch party, make sure that you create a fun & memorable experience for your attendees. At a launch party, it is vital to cover all significant details and information so the communication with your audience is clear. However, picking the best virtual launch service can ensure you a successful online launch party.

Ready to Create an Unrivaled Global Market Presence for Your Brand?

Get on board with a globally-trusted virtual launch platform and ensure an end result that is no less than spectacular. Get in touch with Dreamcast and host an out of the box virtual launch event.