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Host a Virtual Trade Show to remember with the world’s most engaging and customizable virtual trade show platform.

Make Your Virtual-Trade Show Super Engaging

Make Your Virtual Trade Show Super Engaging

Leave an impactful impression on your attendees with our platform's excellent engaging and interactive features.

  • Social Wall
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Branded Photo Booths
  • Gamification
  • Interactive Tools
Create an Immersive Virtual Stage for virtual trade show

Create an Immersive Virtual Stage

Deliver a unique brand experience by creating an immersive virtual environment for global exhibitors, vendors, and visitors.

  • Attractive 3D Designs
  • Virtual Lobby
  • Easy Navigation
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Multi-Format Content Display
Let Attendees Make New Connections

Let Attendees Make New Connections

Make way for audiences to learn, engage, and connect at your immersive online event.

  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business card exchange
  • Virtual Networking Tables
  • Multi-Format Communication
  • B2B Meeting Schedulers
Make Essential Content Available in Different Ways

Make Essential Content Available in Different Ways

Help your exhibitors provide essential information and let attendees access multi-format content.

  • Welcome & Guide Video
  • Catalogues & Flyers
  • Spec Sheets and Other Documents
  • Product Demo Videos
  • On-Demand Content
Virtual trade show Reporting & Insights

Detailed Reporting & Insights

Track the KPIs of your virtual trade show event & measure the success of your event.

  • Leaderboard Challenge
  • Feedback Form
  • Attendee Footprinting
  • Live Polls & Surveys
  • Robust Event Analytics

Top-notch Customer Support

We offer a 24/7 customer support feature to assure impeccable execution, right from planning till the virtual trade show event is over.

  • Tech Chat
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Helpful Notifications
  • Introduction Guide Video
  • Real-time Support
Virtual trade show Customer Support


Our platform offers flawless integrations with popular apps to improve the event experience.

  • Zoom Integrations
  • PayPal Integrations
  • MS Teams Integrations
  • BlueJeans Integrations
  • Google Meet Integrations
  • WhatsApp Integrations
  • Rozorpay Integrations
  • HubSpot Integrations

Boost Up Your Organization’s Growth with
Top-Grade Benefits

Hosting a productive virtual trade show offers innumerable benefits not just to your exhibitors & vendors but also your organization as a whole.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Get attendees and exhibitors onboard from different global locations.

Endless Networking

Endless Networking Opportunities

Leverage tools like business card exchange, networking tables, and AI matchmaking for better networking.

Cost Effective


Virtual gatherings let you save the expenses of traveling, catering, accommodation, and transportation.

On-Demand Content

Availability of On-Demand Content

Improvise your virtual event’s flexibility by providing the content available on-demand

Measure Event Success

Measure Event Success

Obtain robust analytics & detailed insights to measure the success of your online trade show


Besides hosting a matchless virtual trade show, our globally trusted platform also helps you plan other formats of shows enriched with excellent networking and engaging tools.

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  • What is a Virtual Trade Show?

    A virtual trade show is an online event hosted in an immersive digital environment that replicates the physical trade show event.

  • How does a Virtual Trade Show Work?

    To make a virtual trade show work efficiently, one can get in touch with the most suitable virtual trade show platform that provides comprehensive event solutions.

  • What is a Virtual Trade Show Platform?

    A virtual trade show platform is well-equipped with the most advanced tools and features, created to ensure the best attendee event experience. It provides the organizers and attendees with countless engagement, networking, and exhibiting options to deliver a successful online trade show event.

  • How do you engage Trade Show attendees?

    Drive attendee engagement at your trade show event by utilizing various engaging features provided by the virtual event platform. An advanced platform also provides the users with top-notch networking and interactive tools to maintain attendee engagement throughout the event.

  • How do you set up a booth at a Trade Show?

    A virtual trade show platform comes with various booth templates and also allows its users to create their own branded booths as per their requirements. The most expert platforms give 100% customizability to build dynamic exhibit booths.

You are Just a Step Away From Hosting a Memorable Virtual Trade Show!

Make the most of our platform’s engaging features to create a life-like event experience for your remote participants and maximize your organization’s growth & success.

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