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Creating Extraordinary Hybrid Event Experiences Across Various Scales.

Our inventive Hybrid Exhibition Platform offers you a highly scalable & customizable service helping you deliver an unforgettable experience irrespective of your event size.

  • Small Scale

    Small Scale

    Deliver an authentic and immersive event to a small-scale audience with the most compelling 3D exhibition platform. Integrate the most engaging & interactive features to make the best out of your hybrid event.

  • Mid Scale

    Mid Scale

    Bring your ideas and imagination to our Hybrid Exhibition Service and cause a stir among your global audience. Scale-up your hybrid event by adding further more features, enhancing the value of your hybrid exhibition.

  • The Ultimate

    The Ultimate

    Design your Hybrid Exhibition, your way. Take a step ahead, and don't let the screen snatch away a real event experience from your attendees. Customize your exhibition just the way you want and make your audience go wow!

Expand Your Market Reach and ROI with
a Super Engaging Hybrid Exhibition!

Compelling Features Ensuring an Extraordinary Exhibition Experience

Close to Real Experience With Dreamcast hybrid exhibition platform

Close-to-Real Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby - Add lighting, GIFs, music, banners and a lot more in your virtual lobby, adding to the value of your event
  • Customized Space - Plan your event just the way you want. Get your virtual and physical components in sync with our customizable features.
  • User-Friendly Navigation - We ensure your attendees don't find it difficult moving from one point to another. Enhance the user experience with the easiest navigation.
Ample Networking Opportunities with Dreamcast hybrid exhibition platform

Ample Networking Opportunities

  • Networking Tables - Get multi-format communication between virtual and physical attendees using the feature of networking tables.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler - Make networking and interaction easy between both sets of attendees with the option to schedule meetings as per preferences.
  • AI Matchmaking - Help your attendees get an entire list of fellow attendees with the same interest areas; irrespective of the format they choose to attend the event.
Dreamcast hybrid exhibition Effective Interactive Tools

Effective Interactive Tools

  • Live Q&A sessions - Encourage direct knowledge sharing and facilitate two-way communication; help organizers to increase audience engagement rates.
  • Live Chat - This feature allows the attendees to have effective real-time communication with fellow attendees.
  • Live Polls - Help increase audience involvement, collect honest feedback, and plan future strategies accordingly.
Dreamcast Hybrid exhibition Audience Engagement Tools

Audience Engagement Tools

  • Customized AR/VR Games - Shoot up audience engagement rate by including AR/VR games; select from available options or come up with your choice.
  • Dynamic Booths - Redefine your attendees’ overall experience by creating custom booths suiting your brand image.
  • Social and Signature Wall - Level up the excitement levels by integrating social media and taking attendees’ feedback.


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  • What are Hybrid Exhibitions?

    You can understand Hybrid Exhibitions as the combination of virtual and physical exhibitions. In a Hybrid Exhibition, the attendees get the opportunity to attend the event according to their convenience. Hybrid exhibitions are hosted at a physical location as well as an efficient Hybrid Exhibition Platform, simultaneously.

  • What are the different types of Hybrid Exhibitions?

    The different types of Hybrid Exhibitions are:

    1. Hybrid Art Exhibitions
    2. Hybrid Thesis and Research Exhibitions
    3. Hybrid Technology Exhibitions
    4. Hybrid Health Care Exhibitions
    5. Hybrid Business-to-Business Exhibitions
  • How do Hybrid Exhibitions Work?

    In a Hybrid Exhibition, the organizers execute their plans physically and virtually simultaneously. Since it is not always possible to be physically present at an exhibition, hybrid exhibitions allow people to attend the event from their homes.Along with this, if anybody likes to attend the event physically, hybrid events have got them covered also.

  • Are Hybrid Exhibitions the Future?

    Well, Hybrid format is technically the most convenient and beneficial format of hosting and conducting events.The attendees get the opportunity to choose the format they would like to attend the event in, keeping their convenience in mind. This is the reason organizations across the globe are finding them advantageous over physical and virtual exhibitions. Hence, it is safe to say that Hybrid Exhibitions are definitely the future.

Perfect Organization, Well-Planned Strategies; Why Compromise with the Event Platform?

Make use of the best Hybrid Exhibition Platform, and showcase your potential in the best possible way.