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What You Get
To Explore In The Demo?

What You Get
To Explore In The Demo?

Dreamcast is driven by a team of enthusiastic, energetic & very passionate technology geeks, who would assist you with a Customised Platform Demo that aims to meet your requirements as well as budgets.

Our versatile & economic event platform demo aims to take you through the unique and immersive features that would help the event organizer to curate & deliver a close-to-real life experience to its users via the Online Event Platform which will be tailor-made basis the budgets and requirements of the event organizer.

Having in-house capabilities & strong functionalities such as multilingual as well as multi-platform live streaming when combined with the feature rich virtual and hybrid event platform, makes Dreamcast a go-to choice for all the global leaders.

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Reasons To Choose Dreamcast

  • All In one Platform
    All-In-One Platform
  • 360 Customization
    360 customization
  • AI Based Recommendations
    AI-Based Recommendations
  • Remarkable 3D Designs
    Remarkable 3D Designs
  • Multi Platform Streaming
    Multi-Platform Streaming
  • Multilingual Platform
    Multilingual Platform
  • Library Games
    A Library Of 100+ Games
  • Business Card xchange
    Business Card Exchange
  • Group Networking
    1:1 & Group Networking
  • B2B Meetings Scheduler
    B2B Meetings Scheduler
  • Multi Format Communication
    Multi-Format Communication
  • Powerful Integrations
    Powerful Integrations
  • Most Trusted Platform
    Most Trusted & Secure Platform
  • Detailed Data Analytics
    Detailed Data Analytics
  • 24-7 Customer Support
    24/7 Customer Support
“Enthralling Experience. It was value for money.” It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.” - Shreyance Modi, Director Finance, IMC
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    Rated 4.7