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How to Host a Virtual Conference Successfully

After the unfortunate pandemic outbreak, times have drastically changed for all organizations as well as the event planning industry. While various prominent organizations were looking forward to hosting significant events, the event management industry saw a matchless downfall. However, the event planning experts pivoted the trying situations by bringing the spheres of event and technology together.

Gradually, the blend of events and technology or virtual format of events has become a big part of all our lives. Be it a large-scale organization or an SME, hosting vital conferences and meetings is no longer a difficult task for anybody. 

Let’s dive into the world of Virtual Conferences and understand how to host a successful, engaging, and fun virtual event.

What is a Virtual Conference?

A Virtual Conference is an interactive online gathering that brings together a global audience belonging to the same industry background, niche, and interests. The event takes place over an all-rounder virtual event platform, well-equipped with all the requisite tools to enhance your conference. It includes various sessions to keep your attendees informed and engaged about the overall theme. Some of these sessions include panel discussions, keynotes, demos, live webinars, training & certifications, live entertainment, breakout sessions, and a lot more.

Although the concept appeared arduous to execute efficiently like a physical event, the virtual event solutions have proved their potency. 

It comes with excellent networking, interactive, and engaging tools to organize a successful online conference.

By bringing together a few prolific Virtual Conference Ideas, you can pull off a spherical virtual event.

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

An online conference works more or less precisely like an on-site event. While the theme & goal remains the same, the format & structure of the event differs. However, the way you present your online conference to your remote attendees ranges from platform to platform.

Participants register for your online event, but instead of visiting an on-site location, they can access a virtual venue through a link. On the event day, your online conference attendees can directly navigate to the virtual conference platform and enjoy a compelling event experience. 

All in all, once your attendees have entered the online event venue, they can indulge in all interactive activities just like a physical conference. An excellent virtual event platform can magnify the success prospects of your online meeting by incorporating diverse virtual conference engagement ideas. 

How Long Should a Virtual Conference Last?

An Online Conference usually lasts around 3-5 days. However, this aspect also depends on the overall size of content and sessions. In general, a conference session can last around an hour or two, but you must consider decreasing this length based on the importance of the information. Also, try to include breaks in between the sessions to ensure that your attendees are not having a tedious virtual event experience. 

Your Virtual Conference Agenda has a prominent role to play when it comes to rendering a memorable experience. It is significant to include variations between the sessions so that your attendees feel engaged in the event until it ends. 

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Top Virtual Conference Ideas to Host a Successful Online Event

Let’s explore some of the best virtual conference ideas that can help you create an exceptional event. Here are the prime tips to host a successful event:

#1 Plan a Suitable Schedule that Suits All

It is very important to understand that if your attendees belong to different global locations, you have to consider a time and day that befits all. Another vital point to keep in mind is, your event should not fall during other prominent events. It is so because if you plan your conference while there’s another important meeting planned, your target audience might get divided.

#2 Form an Attractive Visual Experience

Visual content plays a crucial role in every attempt you make at organizing a successful online conference. By creating an alluring visual experience, you can not only keep your attendees engaged but also enhance the event experience at your virtual event. Studies show an attendee is more likely to engage at your event when provided with visuals like branded images, videos, images, interactive presentations, etc. According to a report, 61% of marketers use videos as an interactive element to keep people engaged at online events.

Image Source: cdn.business2community

#3 Actively Promote Your Virtual Conference

Extensive promotion is not just one of the most excellent virtual conference ideas to maximize your reach but also an amazing engagement idea. It ensures that your virtual event is reaching out to a wide range of target audiences. This activity further guarantees a large number of registrants. Further, it helps you take your event to a greater level of success.

#4 Choose the Most Suitable Virtual Conference Platform

An advanced virtual event solution is well-resourced with the top features that can effectively intensify the success prospects of your conference. For example, the comprehensive virtual event management suite of Dreamcast renders you with top-notch engaging & interactive tools to ensure the success of your event. You must look for the following mentioned elements while choosing the most suitable virtual conference venue for your event:

  • Excellent Customization
  • Accessibility
  • Interactive opportunities
  • 24/7 Backend Support
  • Networking possibilities
  • High maximum number of participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Live-streaming
  • Integration
  • And more, according to your preferences.

#5 Keep the Communication & Interaction Going

Interaction is one of the key elements that can ensure the success of your virtual gathering. Most of your attendees would look forward to having valuable interactions with other participants. Hence, don’t deprive your attendees of this opportunity! Incorporate excellent interaction possibilities to keep the magic at your event going. Explore some of the top interactive features rendered by advanced virtual conference providers:

  • Live Polls
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Group chats
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Live Q&A and contests
  • 1:1 text, video, and audio chat
  • Interactive Lobby
  • Chat Rooms

#6 Incorporate Enthralling Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

There are countless ways you can create an engaging experience for remote attendees. The virtual event planners have come up with the most innovative ways to ensure that your attendees have a memorable experience at your online conference. 

From running live social media contests to sending swag bags, implement multiple virtual conference engagement ideas to keep your attendees enthralled throughout the event. Some of these strategies can only enhance engagement but also promote your organization and event. Mentioned below are some of the best engagement tools to level up your online conferences and virtual meetings:

  • Gamification– To add a fun engagement element during breaks or free sessions
  • Interactive presentations– To keep your attendees intrigued by the information
  • Live contests– To add on a fun-competitive vibe to your conference
  • Social media contests & competitions– To break the ice and maximize your event’s reach
  • Swag bags– To motivate and attract your attendees towards the live conference
  • Signature wall– To facilitate your participants with an opportunity to share mini-notes of experience
  • Photobooth– To help your remote attendees capture the virtual event moments 
  • Live entertainment sessions– To add variety to the event sessions and also lighten up the work-vibes
  • Social Wall– To collect and curate all the event-related social media posts by your remote attendees into a common space
Image Source: markletic

#7 Provide Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Be it any of the different types of virtual conferences, your attendees always register for the event with two main expectations- Networking and Educating. There are various advanced ways you create networking opportunities for your remote participants. This idea is significant if you are looking forward to hosting a successful online conference. Following are some of the top networking tools that can strengthen your event:

  • Virtual Networking Tables
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Networking Lounges
  • And a lot more…

#8 Accumulate Valuable Feedback

Virtual Conference Evaluation is very significant to determine the success of your event. In addition, it also gives you a greater insight into the efficacy of your virtual event strategies. Therefore, don’t forget to collect this valuable virtual conference feedback from all your attendees. Also, thank your attendees for taking their precious time out and attending the event. It will enable your attendees to feel a sense of importance and belongingness. 

Contact Dreamcast today and ensure the success of your Virtual Conference!

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Take your events online in a visually captivating environment with World's No.1 Virtual Event Platform

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