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Virtual Award Show: Ideas & Best Practices

The episode of several transformations happening since 2020 demanded everyone to enter the virtual environment to ensure the continuity of their business. It had been even more challenging for the event industry to continue delivering remarkable experiences without a physical venue. But, with the adoption of several digital tools and an ideal virtual venue, businesses and event organizers not just hosted online events but also made them a profitable and fascinating affair.

Let us walk you through some effective ideas and practices that you should understand before hosting a virtual award show;

What Are Virtual Award Shows?

A virtual award show is defined as an online awards ceremony where a participant engages using a browser on his device. The virtual event utilizes a suitable platform that facilitates maximum online attendance to their virtual awards ceremony.

What Are Virtual Award Shows

Award shows are an effective means to appreciate your associates, clients, and employees for their efforts towards the growth of your business. It is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of our employees or associates to keep them motivated. Recognition is a great way to strengthen your company and inspire your employees to perform even better.

How To Plan a Successful Virtual Award Show?

The intent should be to host a virtual award show that can recreate the experiences of an on-site event for the sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Here are a few ideas to host a unique and bizarre virtual award show;

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1. Choose the Most Suitable Virtual Event Platform

Determining the best platform for your virtual award show can be a bit complex, with so many options to choose from. But, we need to consider compatibility as the most crucial factor.
Ensure that the virtual platform you pick is compatible with both laptop and phone to avoid any inconsistency. It should include excellent features like a chatbox, polls, gamification, quizzes, Q&A sessions, surveys, social walls to keep your audience engaged. They should incorporate endless opportunities and customizable immersive to make your online award show more interesting and attractive.

2. Create a Room for Sponsors

Attractive sponsors for your virtual award shows act as a boom. To keep them engaged, you can offer a particular space on your social wall that will showcase both theirs and your content. Also, you can display their brand logo, content, products, and offerings on different digital screens. It will make your sponsors feel profited and hence, will readily sponsor for your future events as well.

3. Perform Social Media Live-Streaming

Live-streaming your virtual award show is very crucial for generating excitement and awareness about your brand. You can pick one of these popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitter to live-stream your event. It is an effective way to welcome more participation in your online event.

4. Include Exciting and Engaging Features

For any virtual event, it is necessary to deliver impactful experiences right from the beginning. Keep interesting titles, immersive graphics, a visually rich environment, or exciting background music to keep your attendees excited. You can also include excellent games at your event to make your award show more enjoyable. It is an effective way through which the attendees will spend more time on the platform itself.

5. Promote your Virtual Award Show

To encourage more participation it is important to spread awareness about your virtual award show. You can do this by using SEO-optimized content, promotional emails, or a compelling landing page. Make sure to mention the date, time, and registration link of your online event to avoid missing out on any new joiner. You can post event-related content on your company’s official website and social media handles. It will spread the word more speedily, and you can expect more delegates from all over the world

6. Leverage the Right Technology

Make sure that the virtual event platform you have chosen for your online award shows employs the most suitable technologies to make your event a success. It should be backed by 24/7 customer & tech support to provide immediate assistance to your attendees or avoid any unforeseen error.

7. Perform a Dry-Run

Virtual award shows are live events, there might be chances of glitches befalling. Therefore, make sure you perform a dry run before the main day. Consider pre-filming the recognition speeches, just like the ones you watch at the Oscars. You would not want your victors to deliver a long acceptance speech which might hinder engagement.

Benefits of Virtual Award Shows

Attendance: Sometimes, because of unexpected circumstances, an attendee might not be able to attend an on-site event. But with virtual awards shows, you can expect 100% attendance as it requires no traveling.

Recognition: We know that companies have the option of awarding an individual privately. But, with virtual award shows, all the attendees are aware of the awards an employee, associate, or client has been awarded.

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Long-term advantages: Moreover, a virtual award show will allow you to keep a recording of your virtual events. It is a digital method that can be shared with each attendee or be made available as on-demand content. This recorded content can be used for your promotional approaches for the upcoming online events.

Cost-effective: Since the virtual award shows take place in a digital environment, there would be no additional expenses of traveling, accommodation, food, or venue.

Networking opportunities: Hosting an award show virtually gives way to numerous possibilities like gamification, live chat, audio, and video features. It will ensure that attendees do not get diverted and ultimately help in converting the virtual award show event into a success. Excellent networking opportunities make it easier for your exhibitors to find qualified leads, connect, and make meaningful relations.

How to Promote Engagement at Your Virtual Award Show?

Use Immersive Visuals

It is an excellent way to deliver an impactful experience to your attendees right from the beginning. Right from creating a 3D environment, animated light at the lobby, to attractive GIFs.

Add Compelling Sound Effects

It is a great means to recreate the experience of a physical award show. Exciting effects or clapping sounds will help make the awardees feel special.

Include AI-based Recommendations

AI matchmaking tool helps boost engagement at your online award show. It helps the attendees connect with like-minded people to initiate meaningful connections and interactions.

Keep Interesting Award Categories

Think of some creative titles for each award category that can arouse a sense of excitement and suspense among the attendees. This strategy will help you keep your attendees hooked and involved throughout the virtual event.

Social Wall

A social wall is similar to a social media wall that exhibits event-specific content assembled from different social media handles. When you showcase event-related content on the social media wall, many attendees get boosted to post about the virtual award show using the branded hashtags. It widens your social presence and enhances your global reach.

Customized Games

Gamifying your virtual award show is an effective way to keep the audience hooked and involved throughout. Games like guess the award, spin the wheel, word games, crosswords, shooting games, etc eliminate the monotony of attending lengthy sessions. You can also keep sponsored games to let the exhibitors showcase their content, products, and offerings to the attendees in a creative way.

Virtual Networking Tables

Virtual networking tables facilitate 1:1 and group discussions via live chat, audio, and video features. It allows the exhibitors to either have a private chat or interact with multiple attendees at a time.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are an excellent way to add an enjoyable element to your event. After the virtual award ceremony starts, the attendees can make use of photo booths during their breaks. They can capture multiple photos and share them on their social media channels. It will promote the virtual award show and enhance your brand value.

Include Breaks or Plan Shorter Sessions

You need to treat the attendees in a different way when it comes to online events. It is important to keep them interested so they dwell on the platform for a longer duration. You can schedule breaks before the most important sessions to deliver your message accurately, and attendees do not miss out on anything. Consider keeping a variety in the format of your event or include different speakers who can keep the attendees involved. This strategy will help minimize attendee drop-off.

Getting Sponsors for Your Virtual Award Shows

Brands and organizations sponsor virtual events to boost their sales, enhance visibility, and promote their brand. If you are planning a virtual award show, you have to reach out to various brands and propose if they would be interested in sponsoring the event or not.

Sponsorship enhances the chances of drawing more attendees and brings in the funds needed to host the virtual award show. Virtual or physical, if an event is financed by sponsorship, it attains credibility and is expected to notice an uptick in the number of attendees.

Sponsors for Your Virtual Award Shows

Conducting an event virtually does not mean you cannot back it with sponsors. But to lure more sponsors, it is vital to explain the benefits or profits that they can experience through your event.

Let’s understand the main reasons why a sponsor would be interested in your event:

Help the sponsor with increased visibility: You should be capable of offering excellent visibility for your sponsors by outlining some creative ideas for their brand recognition during the event. You can use their brand logo, images, and content on various sections of the virtual venue to generate more qualified leads and enhance their brand value.

Attendee Database: Secondly, you can help the sponsors with their attendee’s email id. It will offer a chance for the sponsor to let the attendees know about their products or services through email during the event.

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Accumulating Data During Virtual Award Shows

During any virtual events or virtual award shows, you will be utilizing data tracker forms to keep a track of the participants, their choices, their remote location, age, gender, etc. Another beneficial tool for accumulating audience data would be urging them to fill applications.

Interpreting this data enables you to discern how many people have visited the event, their concerns, and more. You can also utilize these analytics to make significant improvements for the forthcoming events.

How to Gauge Success of a Virtual Award Show?

One of the major concerns for both the event organizer and the sponsors regarding a virtual event or a virtual award show is the achievement of their endeavors. There are various ways to gauge the success of your event as you intend to host one.

You can estimate the success of your virtual award show by assuming your audience ratio (AR). This ratio estimates the percentage of individuals who visited the virtual event as compared to the number of registrants.

How to Gauge Success of a Virtual Award Show

Also, the surveys will allow you to discover the interests of your audience by obtaining real-time feedback. Additionally, you can apply exit polls to gauge how well you sufficed the expectations of your attendees. For example, whether your virtual event achieved what was promised to the target attendees and more.

Quick Tips and Tricks

Design an exciting event landing page

Use keywords to optimize your search results

Use email marketing as your advertisement tool

Advertise your virtual event on various social media across platforms

Urge people to inform their friends and colleagues

Consider posting videos on YouTube and Instagram to spread awareness regarding your virtual award show

Collaborate with associates or sponsors to enhance your brand recognition

Make your virtual award show very engaging and interactive to avoid attendee distraction

Remember to collect relevant feedback from your attendees to understand your opportunity areas.


Your virtual award shows will help attendees with a chance to be smiling, to greet, and to admire their or other’s successes. It will also offer a platform for individuals to interact and ‘meet’ again.
If you can engage your audience and sponsors, you can expect a grand and prosperous virtual award show.

It will also present you with an occasion to make or produce a new collection of videos that will help market your prospective virtual events or virtual award shows.

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What is the Role of a Virtual Event Platform?

An ideal virtual event platform is enriched with impressive features, powerful digital tools, and technical advancements. Hence, this is why with the selection of the right virtual platform, you can conduct a bizarre virtual award show that will deliver life-like experiences to the attendees.

How to Decide the Date and Time of a Virtual Award Show?

While planning your virtual award show, remember that the date and time of your event should not conflict with any other big industry event. With a thoughtful selection of the date and time of your online award show, you can encourage maximum participation from different remote locations.

Who Should be the Judges of Your Virtual Award Show?

Awards are meant to appreciate the hard work and efforts of your employees. To do justice, the judges of the award show should be experienced and skilled seniors who have expertise in their particular fields who can assess the employees and their efforts perfectly.

How to Decide the Award Categories for Your Online Award Show?

The motive behind presenting the awards to your employees is to let them feel motivated and inspire them to perform better. Dive into your business data and insights to understand which departments have obtained their goals and delivered exceptional results. It will help you with detailed knowledge of the employees and the awards you would like to bestow them.

How Will You Promote Networking During a Virtual Award Show?

As a virtual platform, Dreamcast ensures to keep networking as one of its priorities. It includes live polls, surveys, AI-based recommendations, games, quizzes, and many more to let attendees and exhibitors connect and interact seamlessly.

How to Keep Your Attendees Engaged During a Virtual Award Show?

To promote engagement, you should select a proficient speaker, who will deliver engaging and interactive content to keep your attendees involved throughout the virtual award show.

What Happens if There is a Technical Error During the Live Award Show?

Dreamcast as an all-in-one virtual event solution ensures to perform a dry-run or test rehearsal to eliminate any kind of unexpected error on the main day. Besides, we provide 24/7 tech and customer support to offer immediate assistance to the attendees in case of any technical glitch.

How to Attract Sponsors for Your Virtual Award Show?

Attractive notable sponsors for your virtual award show can increase the ROI of your event. To lure more sponsors, make them believe that they could obtain potential leads as you would display their content, products, and offerings through your event.

Can you Make the Content Available as On-demand Content Later?

Yes! Any virtual event that was live-streamed can be made available later as on-demand content. It will help you extend your virtual award show even after the live session is over.

Is Hosting Virtual Award Shows Budget-Friendly?

Yes, it is! You should understand your limits. Before you start envisioning the awards show, get a precise understanding of your budget. It will help you align your branding and messaging accordingly based on the budget.

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