What is DC Connect? – Introduction to an Expert Self-Managed Online Event Platform

Virtual events are a common term these days; reason being the fact that they are more convenient and advantageous. As we all know, the platforms that allow the hosting of virtual events are known as online event platforms.

One such powerful online event platform is DC Connect. In this blog, we will take you through everything that you need to know about this platform. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let us get started.


DC Connect is a new-age online event platform that comes with a set of impressive features that let the organizers host unforgettable online events seamlessly. This platform has been designed keeping the needs and conveniences of the customers in mind. There are plenty of features that help this platform stand out from the crowd. It is a DIY platform that gives the hold of the entire event to its users. It means that the users get to ideate, design and execute their online events, all by themselves. In short, it can be said that our platform lets you host unique events, for you, by you.

Here are some types of events you can host with our platform.

  • Social Webinars
  • Virtual Conferences and Summits
  • Virtual Award Ceremonies
  • Hybrid Events
  • Online Networking Events
  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings
  • Online Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Virtual Meet-Ups, and many more.

Pricing Structure

This platform is an absolute pocket-friendly subscription-based event platform that lets you host immersive virtual events at minimal costs. It comes with three different subscription models which are:

1. Start Free

As you might have understood by now, this platform is absolutely cost-free. Let us quickly have a look at the main features of this model:

  • Unlimited online events with up to 100 attendees for a month. 
  • 72 hours of events in a month.
  • The organizers can set up 10 booths in a month.
  • It comes with one user account.

2. Growth

This model comes at a minimal cost of INR 15,000, which the organizers need to avail as soon as the free plan gets completed. It comes with features including the features of a free plan, along with Unlock Add-Ons, Priority Support, 100 attendees credit, 10 booths/event, etc.

3. Enterprise

It is a complete custom model efficient for custom event requirements. It comes with several features such as White Labeling, Integrations, SSO, Space Customization, etc.

DC Connect’s USPs

1. Customization

Here are the USPs of this platform that makes it a top choice of users across the globe: this platform lets the organizers customize their virtual events according to their needs and demands. It means that the organizers no longer need to compromise with the boring virtual set ups. It  gives you the power to design the event keeping their brand requirements and objectives in mind.

2. Self-Management

The next USP of this advanced online platform is the fact that it empowers the users to plan, design and execute the entire virtual event, all by themselves. This feature gives a sense of independence to the organizers, as they don’t need to depend on the technical professionals of the software company. They can manage the entire event, all by themselves.

3. Scalable

The next USP of DC Connect is that it is built to host all sorts of virtual events, beyond their scale. It means that even if you wish to host your regular team meeting with 30 employees or a magnificent online fair, this platform can do all of that efficiently.

4. Budget-Friendly

The next feature of this customizable online event platform is that it is pocket-friendly. It has been created keeping all kinds of organizations in mind. It means that it doesn’t matter if you are an MNC or a small business, this economical online event platform has got you covered.

5. User-Friendly & 3D Interface

Talking of the next USP, this platform comes with an enveloping interface that is not only 3D but also user-friendly. This platform strives to deliver immersive experiences with utmost ease, which means that the attendees don’t need to have advanced technical skills to access the virtual event. Not only this, the 3D interface helps the users to deliver closer-to-reality virtual events.

6. Quick Event Set-Up

With this platform, event organizers can set up events in minimal time. Hosting events with DC Connect doesn’t require months of brainstorming, and planning. As said, organizing virtual events with this platform comes with convenience and ease.

7. Multi-Device Accessibility

it  is a multi-device-accessible online event platform. It means the attendees can attend the online event with the device and browser of their choice.


Here are the features of our platform provides to users:


This 3D Customizable online event platform provides enterprise-class security to the users. It means that this platform is secure from all kinds of threats, and the organizers can host their virtual event without any concerns.

Detailed Data Analytics

This economical online event platform provides detailed analytics to its users that allow them to keep track of attendee movement during the event. This feature allows them to analyze their strategies and measure the success of their event.


Our platform lets the users record their entire sessions, which they can later use according to their convenience. They can either send the recordings to those who couldn’t make it to the event, or upload the snippets on social media, expanding the reach of the online event.

Ticketing and Registration Management

The organizers are given the option of deciding the event registration as per their requirements. Be it a paid ticketed event, or a restricted entry event, DC Connect is known to manage it all, smoothly.

Multi-Lingual Translators

Our platform comes with Multilingual translators with real-time audio translation and closed captioning using applications like Google Translate.

Networking Features

This 3D customizable online event platform comes with several networking features such as AI-Powered Matchmaking, Networking Tables, and Two-way Video Conferencing. These features allow the attendees to connect with fellow attendees, and make long-lasting connections.

Audience Engagement Tools

To keep the audience engaged and hooked to the online event, our platform provides several audience engagement tools such as live polls, live Q&A, live comment, etc.


Our platform provides several branding opportunities to event organizers. It is a flexible online event platform that gives ample opportunities to the organizers to create the event according to their requirements and needs.

Advanced Backstage

This online event platform comes with an advanced backstage where the organizers can manage the entire event with utmost ease, without disturbing the flow of the entire virtual event.

DC Connect is a new age’s online event platform that not only promises, but also delivers immersive event experiences to the attendees in the most economical way. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch, and book your demo session, Now!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is DC Connect Used For?

It is an advanced customizable online event platform that allows you to host unforgettable event experiences. With this, you can host Online Conferences, Webinars, Virtual Meetings, Online Summits, Online Product Launches, and many more.

Q2. Is DC Connect a Free Platform?

You can host an unlimited number of online events without paying even a penny, for one complete month.

Q3. What is DC Connect?

It is a customizable online event platform that allows you to host immersive online events at a minimal cost. It is a self-managed online event platform that allows you to host your own events, all by yourself. Not only this, you get to create your online events according to your brand requirements and needs.

Q4. Is DC Connect any Good?

Yes, It is one of the most looked after online event platforms that lets you host events in the most efficient way. It is a pocket-friendly platform that can host your next series of events in the most convenient way. Also, you can host customizable and self-managed online events.

Q5. How Good is DC Connect ?

It is a trusted online event platform among several global brands. The reason is the set of immersive and out-of-the-box features that DC Connect comes with. It is a super pocket-friendly, customizable, self-managed online event platform.

Q6. How Secure is DC Connect ?

It is an encrypted online event platform that has been designed keeping all the prevalent online threats in mind. It comes with data encryption with industry standards AES-256 encryption.

Q7. Can You Share Your Screen on the platform?

Yes, one can share their screens on this online event platform. It provides its users with all the advanced features to help them deliver immersive event experiences. This platform includes features such as Screen Sharing, Recording, Networking Tables, AI-Matchmaking, Live Chat, and many more.

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