DC Connect Launches Broadcasting Studio – A Video Production and Live Streaming Platform Made For Events

Let’s get back in time; two years ago, we came across technologies and concepts we had never heard about before. One of them is online events, which gained extreme popularity in no time, and now have completely taken over traditional events and become an integral part of our lives. 

However, we need exceptional features to host such events, which the online event platforms made easy. They accumulated the power of technology in one place and took the online event industry to the zenith of success, which they have been enjoying since then. Every other day, we come across some or the other innovations that make it a little easier for the organizers to plan and host online events. 

One such platform that has taken over the world is DC Connect. It is one of the top online event platforms that lets users plan and manage their events all by themselves. 

There is a lot that DC Connect offers to its users; one such feature is its Professional Livestream Broadcast Studio.

We have compiled this blog to talk about the feature in detail and help you understand how our professional Broadcast Studio will help you ramp up your online events. So, Let’s dive straight into the blog. 

First things first,

What is a Broadcasting Studio? 

As the name suggests, a broadcasting studio is simply a technical setup where organizers can bring together their entire online event and broadcast it. Similarly, the professional Livestream broadcast studio for events by DC Connect is equipped with all the features that help users deliver their online events extraordinarily. 

The Livestream studio by DC Connect comes with all the new-age features that make it easier for organizers to deliver online events that belong to 2022. 

When it comes to the features, DC Connect’s browser-based Studio for professionals provides users with all the features and tools that one would need to ideate, manage, and deliver events of the best quality.

What are the tools that DC Connect’s Livestream Broadcast Studio for Events Offers to its users?

Now that you have gotten your basics cleared, let us move ahead with the tools this Livestream Broadcast studio offers its users.

1. Backstage Access: 

This advanced Livestream studio by DC Connect provides backstage access to the users. As the name suggests, Backstage is where the entire event is put together by the organizer, and the sequence of the event is decided. In simple terms, our backstage feature is similar to a real backstage, where all the last-minute preps take place.

2. Raise Hand: 

Make your attendees a part of the speaker’s panel, and let them enjoy some limelight with our Livestream broadcast studio’s Raise Hand feature. With this feature, the attendees can interact directly with the speakers and share their insights on the ongoing discussions.

3. Embed Media: 

To make the execution and broadcasting of the entire stream more impactful, effective and valuable, the speakers and users can embed media such as videos, pdfs, images during the live sessions.

4. Screen Sharing: 

To ensure that the speakers convey their point clearly and effectively, they get the feature of screen sharing. Hence, the speakers can share their screens easily and deliver their content more impactfully. It is a great tool to make it easier for the attendees to grab the information faster and more efficiently. Not only this but using this tool can help speakers grab the attention of the attendees effortlessly. 

5. Recording: 

The next feature that organizers get with DC Connect’s Livestream broadcast studio is Recording. The recording comes as a savior when the organizers need to save the event streaming for future uses. Also, not to mention, it helps them expand the utility of the content. The event organizers can record their entire event and use them according to their needs.

6. Live Chat and Comments: 

The live chat feature of DC Connect’s Broadcast Studio for Events helps attendees to chat, talk and interact with each other and the event organizers and speakers easily and effectively. This tool helps organizers maintain audience engagement rates during the event. Along with it, the Live Chat feature promotes two-way communication in a rather non-interactive online event.

7. Confetti: 

To give your online events a real feel and make your online celebrations special, our Livestream studio offers a confetti feature. Organizers can blast confetti to boost liveliness in the technology-driven celebrations and bring them closer to reality.

8. Q&A: 

Q&A is another great feature to boost interactivity among your audience. This tool is a great way to make your attendees feel included in your online events. The speakers can put across any questions to the attendees and the attendees can answer them in real-time.

9. Polls: 

Do you want to know more about your audience’s opinions? Also, as a speaker do you wish to know if your audience is enjoying your session? Well, know everything with our Browser-based studio for professionals. What’s more to know? It is one of the most sought-after audience engagement tools used by online event organizers to keep the audience engaged in the event.

10. Text Overlaying & Display Name: 

This unique feature by DC Connect’s Livestream Studio enables speakers and organizers to share the questions and polls with all the attendees in real-time on screens.

11. Multiple-Channel Streaming: 

One of the best features of DC Connect’s Livestream broadcast studio is that it lets you put together your entire event and broadcast it in different segments, known as scenes. This feature makes it less hectic for the organizers to put together the entire event. Also, things don’t take a toll on them.

What Makes the Broadcast Studio by DC Connect Special? 

Talking about the qualities of DC Connect’s Livestream Studio, there’s a lot we can count upon. A few of those qualities are: 

1. Easy Accessibility: 

Our platform is one of the most easily accessible platforms that users can access with utmost ease and comfort. It is a web-based platform, which means that it doesn’t come with any additional requirements for downloading and installing applications. Hence, one can easily access the Studio from the browsers. Not only this, This platform comes with a super convenient and user-friendly interface, making it one of those few platforms that keep the convenience of users on priority.

2. Secure: 

Since it is one of the most secure online platforms. Hence, while accessing and broadcasting events with our online platform, one doesn’t need to worry about external threats and security issues. As an organizer, you are given complete control of letting people in only after authentication. Hence, with our platform’s Livestream Studio, gate-crashing and security breaching are not a matter of concern.

3. Easy Management: 

As said, It is an easy-to-access and user-friendly platform. When talking about its Livestream Broadcast Studio, managing and streaming online events is extremely easy. One can access all the features easily and broadcast the entire event with minimum clicks. One plus point, it is not at all time-consuming.

4. Equipped With the Best Interactivity Tools: 

The next quality of DC Connect’s Browser-based Studio for Professionals is it is equipped with the best and most advanced interactivity tools. Hence, if you are concerned about your audience engagement rates during the event, worry no more! Our platform offers all the tools that would enable you to deliver an event closer to reality. 

This platform provides an on-demand live studio platform for organizers to broadcast their events in the most professional and glitch-free manner. Hence, take your next online event with us, and use the Livestream Studio to deliver an unforgettable experience to your attendees.

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